Countertop Fabrication

Our granite fabrication company is proud to be able to provide a outstanding natural material such as Granite, today where almost nothing is built to last. We understand that you have a variety of options available when selecting a contractor, so we take great pains to insure that our selection is always the best. Learn more about countertop fabrication here.



Countertop Installation

At Granite Works, we realize that the best made countertop in the world means nothing if it is not installed correctly. For most installations we will need to come to you for exact measurements and to make templates to ensure a correct fit for your new countertops. Proper planning at the earliest stage is very important and helps to ensure that the installation project goes well. Learn more about countertop installation here.

Countertop Cutting

For all of your Kalamazoo granite cutting goals, contact Granite Works. We offer you the guidance, information, and services you need to successfully coordinate and carry out your task. We will help you to make well informed decisions regarding the options and details of your granite cutting job. Learn more about countertop cutting here.

Countertop Sealing

We offer proper countertop sealing, cleaning, and polishing of all granite, marble and quartz countertops. Although these materials appear to be maintenance free, in fact all of them are porous and must be sealed in order to be protected against staining and dirt build-up. Learn more about countertop sealing here.

Countertop Maintenance & Repairs

We specialize in marble and granite countertop repair. We use only the best materials to restore your stone floor or countertop to its original beauty. Etches and scratches can be removed. Cracks, chips and seams can be made virtually invisible. We strive for a highly detailed restoration, and granite repair. Learn more about countertop maintenance & repairs here.